Brockton Electro-Optics Corp
50 Central Square Suite 3
Bridgewater MA 02324
office (508) 559-9958
fax (508) 861-0214



January 1, 2007

Brockton Electro-Optics relocates to new office space.

Effective January 1, 2207 Brockton Electro-Optics corp has relocaed to new offices located at:

50 Central Square Suite 3
Bridgewater, MA 02324

Postal Address

PO Box 543
Bridgewater, MA 02324

office (508) 559-9958
fax (508) 861-0214

Please note that we have retained our original phone and fax numbers.


Feb 1, 2003

BEOC reintroduces the LS-PRO stabilizer.

Due to customer requests, BEOC is pleased to announce the re-introduction of the LS-PRO laser stabilizer. With a noise reduction bandwidth above 2MHz, this hybrid stabilizer uses Liquid crystal cell and Pockels cell feedback elements. This arrangement allows us to provide a high frequency noise reduction platform without the HIGH VOLTAGE drive requirements of typical Pockels cell stabilizers.

January 5, 2003

BEOC releases a redesigned LPC electronics module.

After listing to customer feedback about our products, BEOC made the decision to redesign our LPC electronics module. Many of our customers, operating with limited available lab space did not have dedicated equipment racks available to install the LPC electronics. Consequently, LPCs often ended up on shelves above optics tables taking up significant portions of available equipment space.

To alleviate this problem, BEOC has redesigned the LPC electronics to fit into a 7" x 9" x 3" desktop case, without sacrificing any of the units functionality. We hope that this size will become the standard on which our future products will be based.

For user with dedicated equipment racks, a rack-mount adapter panel is available.

March 19, 2002

Brockton Electro-Optics Corp. solicits input on the development of new stabilization systems.

At BEOC we are interested in getting feedback from current, past and potential customers about our existing models, as well as suggestion and comments about features you would like to see in future models.

Over the next 9-18 months BEOC will embark on a upgrade and modernization program of the Laser Power Products line and while we can not guarantee your requested features will be found in our next generation of products, you comments will help to shape our future product offerings.

Feb. 6, 2002

Brockton Electro-Optics Corp. announces the purchase of the Laser Power Controller Product Line from Cambridge Research and Instrumentation.

Brockton, Massachusetts--Brockton Electro-Optics Corp. (BEOC) announced today that it has acquired the Laser Power Controller (LPC) business of Cambridge Research and Instrumentation (CRi) of Woburn Massachusetts.

BEOC is a newly formed business founded by John Lescinskas, former Operations Manager at CRI.

"BEOC's primary focus will be the sales support and service of Laser Power Controller systems. Concentrating initially only on laser power control and stabilization, BEOC will work to support, upgrade, and expand on the current product offerings" said John Lescinskas, President of BEOC.

According to Paul F. Forman, CRI's Chairman and acting Instrument Division general manager, " the LPC product is no longer consistent with CRI's focus. Nevertheless, CRI wanted to find a way to disengage without terminating the availability of the product to existing and new customers. Selling this product line to John Lescinskas was the perfect solution, since John has had both engineering and management responsibility of the Laser Power Controller product line at CRI"

Effective Immediately, all sales, technical support, repair and Warranty issues will be handled by BEOC, all non-expired quotes remain valid, and any outstanding orders will be shipped and billed by BEOC. No Business interruptions are expected.