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The LPC is a precision instrument for measuring, modulating, and stabilizing laser beam powers. In one system it does the work of a power meter, a variable attenuator, and a laser intensity stabilizer. Long term (8 hours) stability is typically 0.03% (rms)


Long Term Stability 0.03%
Transmittance >85%
Noise Reduction 1Hz 200:1
Power Display Accuracy 5%
Bandwidth up to 5khz Aperture 4mm
Rs232. GPIB or Front panel control

LPC options
  • RD40 VIS/NIR (425-1100nm) remote detector
  • RD40-UV  (325-1100nm) detector for doubled/tripled beams
  • RD40-IR   (950-1700nm) remote detector
  • LPC-GPIB GPIB computer interface
  • LPC-CBL-EXT Extended length cables
  • LPC-VIO Voltage input option



With a 2MHz noise reduction bandwidth, this hybrid stabilizer uses a Liquid Crystal (LC) cell and Pockels cell feedback elements. This allows us to provide a high frequency noise reduction without the HIGH VOLTAGE drive requirements of typical Pockels cell stabilizers.

Long Term Stability 0.03%
>68% @ 442nm >78% @ 632nm
Noise Reduction
200:1 @ 1 Hz
150:1 @ 10KHz
15:1 @ 100KHz
Aperture 2mm



For those in need in UV stabilization down to 325nm we have been selling our LS-101 model as a semi-custom system. Based on the CRi LS-100 model, the LS-101 is a Pockel cell based stabilizer which is available by special order. Please contact us for details.

For those operating in the UV by using a doubled or tripled fundamental beam the LPC in conjunction with a RD-40-UV can provide excellent stabilization.